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Terminansicht: Offset Printing Course PRINT INTENSIVE 2025
Offset Printing Course PRINT INTENSIVE 2025

Offset Printing Course PRINT INTENSIVE 2025

Print International programm

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In the fields of printing and media, the world faces a technological acceleration in development. Qualification with state-of-the-art machines and equipment as well as modern management methods are urgently needed. A main focus in Hauchler Studio is the twin concept of education export and technological transfer. Hauchler Studio graduates work as multiplicators by transferring knowledge and skills for the benefit of their companies or schools as well as for their further career.

Pragmatic studies with state-of-the-art-technology

Oriented towards the technological development in print and media, the school offers the program Print International conducted in English to meet the demand of training for foreign students or companies. With the program Print International, Hauchler Studio offers the course PRINT TOTAL – OFFSET OPERATING. The course combines Offset Printing, Plate-making and Quality Management with Prepress and Multimedia, Printing and Finishing Technology as well as Basics in Printing Management.

Besides, individual company seminars or specific courses in Offset Printing, Publishing Operating or Printing Management can be organized upon request.

6. Mai 2025 - 30. Juli 20258:00-8:00

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